Thank you for your encouragement to bring this book into being! Now That I Know You happened because so many of you took the time to drop me an email or a message on Facebook asking when the next book in the Tree of Life series would come out. Your enthusiasm stirred up my enthusiasm that I was not finished with Jillian and Nolan and Canyon Mines.

Genealogy threads that have been simmering throughout several previous books were asking for a reason to come forth, and I so much appreciate every single inquiry about another story that encouraged me during this last year to lean into this story.

Cate Butler is the distant cousin genealogist Jillian was so certain she wanted to find—and the only connection she has to her deceased mother’s Parisi family tree. So why does she wish Cate would stop pestering her? And why can’t Jillian find a paper trail proving Cate is who she says she is?

Cate wants something for her own career that Jillian can’t give, but she also holds the key to family history Jillian can’t bring herself to walk away from. Nolan, Jillian’s father, steps in when Cate’s chronic career chaos requires legal rescue. Drew, the man who holds Jillian’s heart, has a surprising past with Cate. The truths Jillian, Cate, and Drew find while untangling these knotted threads tie them back together in remarkable ways none of them ever would have imagined.

Now That I Know You is Book 5 in the Tree of Life series, exploring and celebrating unforgettable family stories in Canyon Mines, the mountain town that invites you back again and again.

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