How are you hanging on?

You’ve probably heard variations on that question these last few months! I know I have. Whether you’re still hunkering down at home most of the time or have gone back to work, whether you’re ordering groceries or venturing forth into stores, whether you’re sending your kids back to school, getting ready for online learning, or preparing for homeschooling—let’s face it, things are looking different than a few months ago and will be for a while.

I had a great discussion—by Zoom—last week with a group of women from church. Many of us haven’t seen each other since early March. One had the blessing of a long awaited adoption right at the beginning of the pandemic. Another’s husband came through a harrowing health crisis. A third is a nurse and sees all the precautions the hospital is taking to keep staff and patients safe. Two have husbands in the military whose scheduled deployments have shifted. A couple are teachers facing returns to the classroom.

Nothing feels normal, but it was a rich time of sharing about healthy coping and resilience through change.

We talked about ordinary things we miss. Our congregational life. Going to the gym. Getting massages. Eating popcorn at the movies. Kids safely burning off energy with sports. Recreational shopping.

Nothing feels normal, but it was a rich time of acknowledging loss and discovering strengths and gifts that have come to us in this odd time.

I hope you are having these conversations with people in your life. I hope you have people who sustain you and fill your heart. I hope you are finding ways to connect with people who offer you renewal in weary days.

I need that. We all do.

I’m grateful that we’re created for connection. I’m grateful that God reaches out to connect with us no matter what the circumstances of our lives. And I pray you find the connection you need in this moment in your life.