Olivia Newport daylily with butterfly

When I say I live where “daylilies grow taller than I am,” this is what they look like in my back yard.

It’s Saturday night, August 19 as I write, and I’ve been having one of those weeks where I believe the maxim that the older you get the faster time goes. Blink, and another week has passed.

That never happens to you, right?

My daughter is a Head Start teacher. She went back to work a couple of weeks ago for days full of training and home visits and getting her classroom ready. This week she gets her kids. Maybe some of you have kids who have already started the new school year. Aaaand we’re off. Summer is over, right?

I remind myself that according to the calendar we still have weeks left of summer temperatures, and a few things in my yard are still blooming. (Though the big mystery and disappointment of the summer is why my bird feeder did not attract its usual population this year.)

I have not spent nearly enough time in the hammock this summer. Like, not nearly. Weeks of later afternoon and evening rains—not unusual for Colorado—cramped my style. My bio will tell you that I live at the foot of the Rockies, and I do, but a few weeks ago my son and husband drove my car eastward out on the range where the deer and the antelope roam. Sadly one of them roamed rather rapidly and suddenly at the car. My guys were just fine. The antelope, not so much. And the car? Total loss. That’s been an adventure.

But I’ve walked a lot this summer, managed not to resent too vehemently how rapidly the weeds grow in response to the rains, given thanks that I’m able to get out and pull them from the soft soil, helped my daughter make two baby quilts for friends, conquered making yogurt in my Instant Pot, watched a lot of Cubs games (for better or for worse), read some books I enjoyed, and am currently reveling in an abundance of sunflowers that have taken my yards by storm.

So all in all, not so bad. A year ago, when my migraine disorder began, none of this would have been possible. It’s still an issue, but it’s better managed. There is life again beyond the couch, and I am very grateful for that.

Whether it seems like your summer sped by in a blink or you have a long list of joys—or heavy sorrows—may your spirit find the abundance of God’s presence in all your moments.

The peace of God be with your spirit.