Gladden the Heart has officially released!

New books come with a lot of official days that gladden the writer’s heart.

  1. Turning in that manuscript! Finished!
  2. Turning in revisions in response to the editors’ comments. Finished again!
  3. Receiving the PDF galley, when it’s laid out electronically and looks like the pages of book for the first time. Sending in any last proofreading catches. Finished again. For real this time. Now it’s going to press.
  4. Getting the first copy fresh off the press with a congratulatory note from your editor, usually a few weeks before release day.
  5. Getting author copies to use for promotion.
  6. Release day.

So that’s where we are. For me, nerves crank up at this stage. Not every book is for every person. I know that. I’ve read plenty of books that weren’t my favorite. But still I know that each story finds its place with the right readers, and I hope Gladden the Heart will gladden some hearts in the reading as much as it gladdened mine in the writing.