28508814Years ago I worked in a retail fabric store. In the craft world, Christmas starts in July. During weeks of summer heat I measured and cut red and green Christmas fabrics while everybody in town with a sewing machine stacked up supplies to keep them going till December.

In the book world, Christmas seems to start by October, and readers who love the season can stack up enough Christmas titles to keep them supplied right through Christmas day.

Novellas are popular. Writers get to tell a sweet story in a shorter form, and readers get to absorb a greater number of stories.

And I am happy to participate in this frenzy.

My contribution this year is Love’s Pure Light, a novella appearing in a collection of nine stories by nine different authors called A Plain and Sweet Christmas.

Hope in the Land coverThe extra fun part about Love’s Pure Light is that I got to return to characters I created in Hope in the Land, a Depression-era Amish historical. In Hope in the Land, Marlin and Gloria are in their forties with six children running a successful farm.

But what was their first Christmas like when they were newlyweds and still getting to know each other? If you’re curious, grab a copy of A Plain and Sweet Christmas.