Peace Like a River cover flatA couple of weeks ago I promised that as soon as I had the cover image for Peace Like a River, my first contribution to the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries series, I would share it.

And here it is!

This is what’s called a “cover flat”—you see the front cover, the spine, and the back cover all in one flat image that gets bound around the book.

I couldn’t be happier with the way the the artwork portrays clues about what the book is about.

Though Cheryl Cooper wrestles with her own mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day, she wants to make sure her good friends Naomi and Seth Miller have the truest love possible—which doesn’t include the obvious tension that is building between them. So when Cheryl stumbles across clues that indicate Seth is keeping an odd secret, and he gets testy and elusive whenever she asks him about it, her mystery-solving radar kicks in. Candy-heart messages left for her to find begin to make sense. Without knowing who her accomplice is, she follows cryptic leads to discover what happened in a split-second one summer day, decades ago, which splintered friendships and fostered love.

Here’s a link where you can order. (Guideposts’s specialty is selling direct to readers, so for right now you won’t find these books in stores or any other online sites.)

Peace Like a River releases December 16, 2015—technically that’s less than a month away.

Every four weeks there’s a new book, and that will continue for a couple of years! Check it out!