HF 1 The Disappearance coverSome of you may remember the 13-part digital book Hidden Falls, which released about 18 months ago. Small-town warmth, mystery, secrets, characters to root for … I loved writing this downloadable story.

I’m delighted that my publisher decided to repackage with terrific new covers and fewer downloads to get the whole story.

So the gist is:

• fewer downloads

• lower overall pricing

• longer parts that you can sink into

Part 1 is still free and always will be. This short e-book (62 pages) introduces the characters and sets up the story threads. Then the rest of the story is in four full-length parts (about 200 pages each). So far the first two parts are out. Look for the remaining parts to release one each week over the next three weeks.

Part 1: The Disappearance (available now)

Part 2: The Fallout (available now)

Part 3: The Investigation (releasing Sept 17)

Part 4: The Storm (releasing September 24)

Part 5: The Homecoming (releasing October 1)

If you’ve already read Hidden Falls, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is one set of characters I still miss hanging out with after all this time.

If you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll nab it now and enjoy it in the new format.

You can find Hidden Falls on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.