338px-MEIV-573Meek and Mild is book number nine for me. (A couple more are in process for later this year.) And with every book come a variety of happy moments: turning in the manuscript; finish the edits; smiling and the galleys; receiving advance copies. And most of all, release day! The day when you can share the story.

We’re almost to the official February 1 release day for Meek and Mild, the second in the Amish Turns of Time set.

If you’ve ever heard of the “Beachy Amish” and wondered where the name came from and how they’re different from the Old Order Amish featured in many Amish-themed novels, this book will answer your questions.

Meek and Mild coverI’m not going to give any spoilers.

But I hope you’ll pick up the book and meet Clara and Andrew and Fannie and Yonnie. Travel back to the Pennsylvania-Maryland border in 1916, and realize that not everything is as simple as it looks.