My son generously loaned me his new camera for a recent trip I took to Monterey, California, for a gathering of writers. Basically I didn’t know what I was doing, but I managed to change the lens a couple of times and figured out the rapid-fire shutter button.  When I got home, my son looked at the camera.

“You took 249 photos in three days?”

Yep. (And he’s one to talk. When he went to Seattle for a week, he took 894.)

There really was a writers retreat going on with terrific sessions, but my overtaxed soul sought out the outdoor free time. Walking, walking, walking. Snapping, snapping, snapping. I love living near the mountains, but I was giddy to see the ocean again after too many years.

So here are a few pictures of what nourished my spirit for a few days. Then in the comments you can tell me what nourishes yours.

Olivia Newport kayaks on Monterey Bey

Brain space to daydream.

An untiring view.


photo 3

An untiring view.

Olivia Newport pile of sea lions

Piles of sea lions. Too much togetherness?

Olivia Newport sea lions

Frolicking sea lions.