September 1 is a double release day!

Olivia Newport Wonderful Lonesome Cover

Wonderful Lonesome is due out September 1, 2014.

I’m excited about Wonderful Lonesome, the first in a set of three Amish historicals. And for icing on the birthday cake, this may be my favorite book cover yet.

A hundred years ago, there was an Amish settlement on the eastern Colorado plain, about an hour and a half drive from where I live now. When I discover jewels like this close to where I live, my interest perks up. Before I know it, a story is swirling. I dig up just enough real facts from long ago to put fictional characters in the middle of real events—rubbing shoulders with historical figures.

Here’s what one advance reader says:

“In Wonderful Lonesome, the characters became my neighbors and the struggling Amish settlement my community. I cheered for the indomitable, spirited Abbie Weaver and yes, both of her suitors. Wonderful Lonesome’s inspirational message of hope and sacrificial love let me contemplative for days afterwards, stirring up an inner longing for community. It’s the most gripping and true-to-character Amish fiction I’ve read to date. Read it if you date, for you won’t be the same afterwards.”

—Dianne Christner, raised Mennonite and author of The Plain City Bridesmaids series

20448040Baby #2 is Snow Song, a novella in the Westward Christmas Brides collection—nine stories by nine authors. It’s coming out just in time for people who like to be organized and ready for Christmas and then settle in and enjoy the season—or for people who can walk past the to-do list and just settle in for romance. It’s a great way to get a fix on some of your favorite authors or discover some new ones. Snow Song happens all in the course of four days and a Christmas to remember.

Since I pushed these babies out, so to speak, a long time ago, now I get to relax and enjoy their entry into the world. I hope you will, too.