Olivia Newport Lakehouse view

Photo © Larry Mohr.

Last week one of my great-nephews turned a year old, and I had a chat with my eighty-eight-year-old mother about the occasion. She commented that, looking back, it always seems like that first year goes so fast because the baby changes so much that it hardly seems like the same child.

I also had a birthday that week. When Saturday came, as it always does, I once again wondered how another week could have gone by so quickly. The older I get, the more often I feel like my own life is rushing past me while I am buried in work and responsibilities and just trying to make a living.

I always mean to find better balance, but every week brings its own challenges.

Last week, though, when I had my Saturday quasi panic about how quickly the week went, I took inventory.

• I enjoyed an evening with my monthly book group of terrific friends.

• I had a long afternoon coffee with a close friend who is bearing unspeakable sadness right now.

• I saw a touring professional production of Memphis the Musical with my husband.

• I lingered for two and a half hours over chocolate with a good friend.

• I took an unexpected day off mid-week, slept late, and enjoyed drenching sunshine.

• I had a lovely birthday dinner out with my family (and a red velvet cake).

• I started reading a new novel.

• I had breakfast with a friend I’ve known for nearly half a century. (You read that right.)

All this while also managing to get a pile of work done, take three exercise classes, and walk every day.

So I’d say I did pretty well. If this is life rushing past me, then bring it on. Bring it on.

• How are you doing on finding healthy balance in your life?