Hidden Falls-Ep1Every now and then an opportunity comes along that is too cool to pass up.

If you like to take your e-reader and go to a cozy place to read, then this is for you. Go to Hidden Falls, where I’ve been hanging out.

Hidden Falls is a fictional Midwestern small town—and the series name of a 13-episode serialized novel (published by Barbour Publishing) that I’m having a blast writing.

The riotous part for you is that you don’t have to wait for me to finish writing before you can start reading! We’ll be taking this adventure together.

The first episode, Ordinary Secrets, will be available as a free download on December 28 and will be free for about a month. (As soon as the links are live in the various formats, I’ll post them.) Then the second episode, Losing Quinn, will be available for purchase and—get this—a new episode will release each week until the season of 13 episodes is complete toward the end of March.

So what’s it all about? Sylvia and Quinn. Ethan and Nicole. Lauren and Cooper. Liam and Jessica. Jack and Gianna. Dani and Emma. The people of Hidden Falls fill a warm small-town drama—with a side of intrigue when Quinn goes missing.

Whether they realize it or not, lives all over town intertwine around Quinn. He’s the beloved teacher. The humble encourager. A pillar of the community. The man who never leaves town. Ever. And when he disappears, they all just might unravel. As friends and loved ones try to track Quinn down, they realize that even in his absence, he’s leaving them with lessons to learn—about life and love, about significance and sacrifice. But thirty years of small-town secrets build to a mystery that no one can solve alone. Will they find Quinn alive to thank him?

See you at the falls!

P.S. Don’t have an e-reader? You can put Amazon’s free Kindle app on your computer or smart phone or listen to the whole series in audio format.