Olivia Newport Avenue of Dreams covers

Yearning to Breathe Free, an event at the Glessner House Museum, highlighted the social themes of the 1890s that my characters grapple with.

Feels like forever since I posted! Since the last post:

• My website was attacked by cyber terrorists.
• The fine folks at AuthorMedia.com fought my battle for me, then moved my site to a new server.
• I drove from Colorado to Illinois to visit my sister and mother.
• I visited the Glessner House Museum in Chicago (on Prairie Avenue where my Avenue of Dreams series is set) for a launch event for The Invention of Sarah Cummings. My research partner and I gave a presentation on the sociological themes behind the series and had a lovely time chatting with people who live right there in the historic neighborhood where my fictional Banning family were neighbors to the real life Pullmans, Kimballs, and Fields. I discovered two books groups there are reading the series, which was fun.
• From Illinois I drove to Indianapolis for my first American Christian Fiction Writers conference. This included a lovely dinner hosted by the good folks at Revell, the publishers of my Chicago stories. At the awards banquet, my writing friend Katie Ganshert won in the debut category. I’m so happy for her! Wishing on Willows is a terrific book.
• I drove back to Illinois for more visiting and appointments.
Have I made enough excuses for neglecting my blog?
Tomorrow morning I will hit the road again to head home back to my creature comforts. I am such a creature of habit—including remembering to make blog posts, apparently. I’m listening to audio books as I drive around the country. I hope you’re finding some good stuff to read too!