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“Mind your own business, Kenny.” A card unfolded in Sarah’s hands, and a small pin slipped into her palm. Still she scowled.

“What’s the matter?” Kenny asked.

“He’s not coming,” Sarah muttered.

“Who is not coming?”

“Oh, never mind, Kenny.”

“What fell out of the card?”

Sarah clutched the pi n in a closed hand. “You did your job and delivered the message. Thank you. I’m sure they need you back at the desk.”

“Sarah, if something—”

“Thank you, Kenny.” Sarah gathered her skirts and walked back out to the sidewalk before reading the note again, more carefully.

“My dearest Serena,

With deep regret I must inform you that urgent business matters have interfered with our plans for today. I am uncertain when the issue will be resolved. In the meantime, I hope you will accept this offering of my attentions.

Kindly yours,

Bradley Townsend

Brad had been so confident about this business deal with Diamond Matches? What could have gone so wrong that he could not take time for a cup of tea to celebrate? Sarah opened her fingers and inspected the pin, a slender silver rose. She had polished enough silver around the Banning house to know this piece was genuine silver through and through.

She would wear it the next time she saw Brad, and she would never forget the first gift from him.