Olivia Newport Confused Face photoRecently an urgent, stressful family situation snatched me out of town abruptly and bumped me through several states. That trip backed right up against a planned business trip. I ended up being away from home for three straight weeks.

Believe me, I was ready to go home.

I was in a rental car following signs to the return lot at the airport. Each sign I saw reassured me I was doing this right, even though by my own admission I get confused easily in unfamiliar driving environments.

I remember thinking I had to just trust the signs until I saw the next one.

I remember thinking it sure would be nice to see another sign right about then. Maybe one that said, “Yep, you’re still doing this right.”

I remember thinking there was a faith lesson here, because I typically would like to have more confirmation than I get about decisions or the path I’m on. Maybe if I could just trust the signs, I wouldn’t get so anxious.

And then I came to a division in the highway and there was no sign. Really? This seemed to me like the logical place to put the next sign. But it was not there.

“Which way?” I said to the friend traveling with me.

“I don’t know,” she said.

So at 65 miles an hour I had to mentally review the information I had available and make the best choice I could.

And right after the split-off, I saw the next sign. I had chosen rightly.

In that moment, the faith lesson deepened. Even when we’re trusting the signs, we have our moments of doubt or confusion or second guessing. Sometimes life throws us a curve. Sometimes we have to make the best decision we can with what we know.

Chances are you’re facing an intersection of some sort. The highway is about to split off. The sign you’re looking for may not be there.

What signs have you already seen that have brought you to this point? Make the best decision you can with what you know.