taco wylioOn more than one occasion while discussing the antics, life experiences, of my siblings and their offspring, my mother has observed, “Nobody’s ordinary in our family, that’s for sure.” That includes her. You should hear some of the things she says.

Believe me, I’m the calm and uninteresting one.

My siblings, their children, and now their children’s children. Generational cleverness and curiosity keeps us all hopping.

My niece is building a new home. Her first grade daughter recently asked, “What if our new house smells like Taco Time because there’s a worker who eats from Taco Time in there while he works?”

Okay, I admit that sometimes I wonder about stuff that leads down some pretty strange trails, but this one cracked me up. And it reminded me that there’s always another angle on whatever the circumstance is. Whether that angle brings insight or laughter, it’s worth hearing and exploring.

• Who helps you see the world from a fresh angle?