Olivia Newport editing projectI am mired in edits and suggestions and tweaks and rewrites.

I’m not complaining, mind you. All this work means books in process, and that is what I’m aiming for, after all.

I’ve been going back and forth with one editor on changes to In Plain View, the sequel to Accidentally Amish, which just released. (Look for the new book in the summer.) Another ball in my juggling act is interacting with a different editor on the third book in the Avenue of Dreams series. You’ll meet Sarah Cummings in The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow in January, then Sarah will have her own story in the fall.

At moments I have to blink twice to remember which story I’m supposed to be crawling around in.

Lest I proudly thought I had written a perfect novel, both editors suggest otherwise. They like my books. That much is plain. But they also are persistent with the “What if?” questions. (“Brad the Cad” is an editor’s nickname but he deserves it. You’ll see.)

Plot complications. Character deepening. Justice just the way the bad guy deserves it. Or maybe with a dose of grace. Tying up loose ends. Pacing the dialogue. I learn a little more about writing a novel each time I stumble through these editorial paces.

But I’m having a grand old time. And I look forward to when you get to step into these stories. Won’t that be fun?

Tell me about a story that made you wish it weren’t over. What draws you in most?