Olivia Newport Accidentally Amish coverAccidentally Amish features Annie Friesen, a technology-addicted modern woman who finds herself unexpectedly among an Amish community she did not know existed. She discovers that Ruth Beiler, descended from three hundred years of the Amish, believes God is calling her out of the community that Annie is thinking about joining.

I admire Ruth’s toughness. I admire her heart to serve. I admire how deeply she loves her community but also how firmly she believes that God created her for work and service that requires her to leave.

The great thing is that Annie and Ruth become great friends. Although they are moving in opposite directions, they are moving for many of the same reasons and they understand each other very well. They help us understand that we don’t always know all the reasons behind another person’s choices.

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“Once I started reading Accidentally Amish, I found it hard to put down. I was immersed in Annie’s troubles as she found herself in a place she didn’t expect. An intertwining historical thread pulled me in from the first page too. It was like reading two books in one—both engaging and delightful.” —Traci DePree, author of the Lake Emily series