Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Photo by Larry Mohr

Last week was a good week. Intense, but good. After being out of town all week, I was trying to get home Friday night and my flight was canceled. I got home Saturday afternoon, feeling wiped. Then after church today I found myself locked out of the house. Hubby, who had house keys, did not have his phone and did not come directly home from church (separate cars; it’s a long irrelevant story). So I sat on the patio and chatted with my mother by phone. At the end, she said she hoped I would have better days ahead than what the last couple have been. Then she said,

“It’s it’s not better, make it better.”

I can’t control why the flight was canceled or the reason I didn’t have house keys with me. But she reminds me that I often have resources at my disposal to solve the problems that smack me in the face. I’m going to take her advice this week.