Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Photo by Larry Mohr

Do you ever have haiku moments?

Not long ago I read something that defined haiku as more than just a poem with 17 syllables. This art form also captures the essence of a person’s connection to the beauty of nature at that moment.

Recently my mother was telling me how beautiful a particular day was. (I know. She lives in Florida. All the days are pretty good.) She was on the lanai, the sun was just right, the breeze was just right, the temperature was just right. She said,

“It’s so perfect, you don’t want to move.”

A haiku moment. The kind of moment you want to capture and savor and feel in your hands. The intangible moments that makes life tangible.

I hope today you have a haiku moment, one that is so perfect you want to hold it in your heart for years.