My friend Lorri must throw fairy dust over the creatures in her back yard, because somehow she gets them to cooperate with having their pictures taken. The squirrels in my yard shoot off as soon as they sense I might be thinking about them. Ever since I started leaving food occasionally a distance from the house, though, they stopped eating the stuffing out of my patio furniture, for which I am grateful.

Back to the point. Lorri took these photos of a squirrel or squirrels. I didn’t see them all on the same day, but over time a story thread emerged.

Here’s the set-up. Squiggly Squirrel has his hands full of berries, but his eyes already roam to the next food conquest.

Olivia Newport squirrel eating in tree

Hey, what’s that down there?

Leaving the berries behind, he begins a new quest—one that stretches his abilities to achieve.
Olivia Newport squirrel stretching

I can do this. I know I can.






He settles in to enjoy his achievement …
Olivia Newport squirrel eating corn

Ah, this is better.

Just when he thinks the danger is past, he loses everything and tumbles to the ground.
Olivia Newport squirrel at attention

Whoops. Lost my grip up there. I'm cute, I know.







Will he start over? Another chapter for another day.


This is a simplified version of my brain on story every day. A piece here, a piece there, and one day I wake up with a new set of people stomping through my head. Most of them stomp on through, because I can’t possibly catch them all. But the writer’s life is the life for me.

P.S. The other cool thing my friend Lorri does is make seriously gorgeous handmade cards for any occasion. And she sells digital photos full of fairy dust. You can see the beauty of her creative work at Eye candy for all you scrapbooking and stamping folks.