Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Photo by Larry Mohr

My mom has been a great companion on my journey to publishing fiction. She’ll listen to me prattle on about every phase and never once say, “You know, I’m not all that interested in the details.”

A few weeks ago I was talking to her about the somewhat angst-filled process of asking people to endorse my books. She said,

“If anyone need an endorsement, I do endorse it.”

It was the perfect response. As old as I am, it’s still reassuring to feel a parent’s pride. I hope you have known that sensation in your life. I’m aware that many people don’t, and the lack of this affirmation causes great pain. My own mother used to feel she could not please her own mother.

I am particularly aware these days of the need to make sure my young adult children know how proud I am of them.