Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Photo by Larry Mohr

One Sunday, as I tried to call my mother, she didn’t answer. I dialed again. Still no answer. I text my brother, who shares her home, to make sure they are not out and about somewhere while I’m calling the land line. No response.

Finally, my phone rings, and I hear my mother say,

“Despite appearances, we are not stupid.”

They were watching a 40-second video and tried to get the last few seconds in before answering the phone. Then she was fumbling for the cordless phone and did not quite get to it. You know how that is.

I laughed when she said, “Despite appearance, we are not stupid” because some days that should be my motto. Lately I’ve found myself repeating her words every time I struggle with a task or something doesn’t go as expected.

• How about you. Ever feel that way?