My friend Lorri ( takes incredible pictures. Often I use them on my blog. My dilemma is that she has so many enticing photos that don’t quite match up with the splats in my brain. I think, “But I want to use that photo!” They often seem to tell a story. Or maybe I think that because I see a story in pretty much everything I look at.

So here are a few I most enjoy. You tell me what nascent story you see in each one.

Olivia Newport Lorri's grandcaughter

Lorri's daughter's legs and her granddaughter. Love this one.

Olivia Newport Hawaiian shoreline

Hawaii. I can only dream.

Olivia Newport ants on cornflower

A reminder to pay attention to the small stuff.

Olivia Newport birds feeding

Have you ever seen a bird feed its young?


Olivia Newport PIkes Peak

This happens to be the view I see every day.