Valley of Choice

Accidentally Amish Olivia NewportAccidentally Amish

Book 1 of the Valley of Choice Series

Annie Friesen, a software creator, needs to protect her intellectual property from her scheming partner. After escaping the hustle and bustle of Colorado Springs, she runs straight into the hospitality of an Amish family in San Luis Valley. When, after a little digging, Annie discovers her own ancestral connection to the plain people, her worlds collide. It appears she’ll have to stay awhile, especially when she finds herself attracted to Rufus Beiler.

A cabinetmaker by trade, Rufus is having troubles of his own. Because of a competitor’s false accusations, his business is in jeopardy. And so is his family when his sister, Ruth, leaves the Amish community.

Now Annie, an outsider, begins meddling in affairs that don’t concern her. When Rufus tells her she can’t continue to hide among the Amish and it’s time for her to go home, Annie is torn. What will she choose—loneliness and the high-tech modern culture of Colorado Springs, or Rufus and the simplicity of the San Luis Valley Amish?


Once I started reading Accidentally Amish I found it hard to put down. I was immersed in Annie’s troubles as she found herself in a place she didn’t expect! An intertwining historical thread pulled me in from the first page too. It was like reading two books in one–both engaging and delightful. You’re going to love this book.-—Traci DePree, author of the Lake Emily series

The wild English world arrives in Rufus Beiler’s life, and doesn’t leave. Olivia Newport stirs in a touch of historical and suspense, for a pleasant and accurate read on Amish life.—Jerry S. Eicher, author of four Amish series, including The Fields of Home

What a thought-provoking tale about that intersection where the life we inherit meets the life we choose to lead. Accidentally Amish is a perfect blend of romance, history, mystery, and meaning.” —Erin Healy, author of House of Mercy and The Baker’s Wife

Accidentally Amish is a sweet story with a cast of memorable characters, Plain and English. Woven within the novel is a historical account that adds  depth and intrigue. Both stories engaged me until the very last word. Thank you, Olivia, for a fun read!—Leslie Gould, #1 bestselling co-author of The Amish Midwife

I loved Accidentally Amish—both the story and the setting. Olivia Newport has described Colorado Springs, Westcliffe, and the San Luis Valley in a way that makes me want to take a trip out west and see it for myself! —April L., Valrico, FL   

Accidentally Amish is a fast-paced race from present to past and back again—brimming with romance, intrigue, and the quiet breaths of country life that Amish fiction fans love. A great read! —Jennifer Rogers Spinola, Christy Award finalist and author of the Southern Fried Sushi series and Yellowstone Memories


In Plain View

Book 2 in the Valley of Choice Series

Annie’s quest for simplicity is about to get complicated. Nearly a year after leaving her successful but unsatisfying high-tech life, she wonders if she can truly succeed at being Amish. A lucrative job offer, a red dress, and the shadow of an Amish woman looking for a husband create a vortex that clouds Annie’s choice. Her parents seem determined to sabotage her efforts, and Rufus Beiler, an Amish carpenter who captured her heart, leaves room for doubt about their future. But when an explosion brings Annie under suspicion, can she clear her name and bring the future into plain view?


Taken for English

Book 3 in the Valley of Choice series

Annie joined the Amish church based on prayerful conviction, not romantic dreams. And yet, she’d hoped to share her new life with Rufus. But he’s obviously in no hurry. When he makes unexpected choices about his work, Annie wonders if he has lost interest in the love that sparked between them.

While arson threatens trust in the peaceful southwestern Colorado valley near Westcliffe, Annie resolves to keep a confused Amish teenage girl from decisions that could jeopardize her future. Ruth, Rufus’s sister, is Annie’s temporary roommate while sh navigates the muddy waters of shifting family relationships, career choices, and an irresistible romance with the persistent Elijah.

Family history clearly shows it’s never been easy living a plain life in the English world. Will the changes and challenges Annie now faces as a young Amish woman test her newfound faith in good ways or bad? And how long will Rufus test her patience?