Homespun Suspicions

Homespun Suspicions

Series: Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries, Book 29
Genre: Amish

When Aunt Mitzi handpicks a new tenant for her cottage, she asks Cheryl to “make an effort” to befriend her. But Jayla Nuttall makes it plain she doesn’t welcome any overtures of friendship. Jayla is obviously determined to alienate Cheryl—and everyone else in Sugarcreek. But Cheryl, spurred on by Mitzi’s encouraging letters, sets out to find the culprit behind the series of events that seem intended to terrorize Aunt Mitzi’s tenant. Who is targeting Jayla with these vicious pranks? Or is she herself causing the damage?

Meanwhile, when the Sugarcreek Nursing Home opens a brand new assisted living wing, the activities coordinator invites Naomi to give classes in Amish cooking. Will the accolades cause Naomi to be vain, and pull her away from serving her family on their own farm just when they need her most?

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